Boudoir Sessions

Hey hey! So I realize the idea of boudoir sessions can be a bit nerve wrecking and uncomfortable! So many women have told me they aren’t happy with their body, they are insecure, or they’re just not sure about it. I GET IT! Not only do I get it, but it makes me even more excited to book your session so you can truly see just how gorgeous you are. I will do everything I can to give you a fantastic experience and an end result that you (and the man that adores you) will both LOVE!


What should I bring? Bring 2-4 outfits that make you feel sexy and comfortable. This can be bra and panty sets, lingerie, your wedding veil, but remember sometimes a tight T-shirt, soft sweater, or over-sized button-down shirt can be just as sexy. Pick outfits that you love, in colors that are flattering and make sure that they fit you properly! Feel free to bring your favorite jewelry or sexy shoes! Let your personality show. Also! Remember to take that pony tail holder off of your wrist before coming! 🙂

Can I have someone with me at my session? Definitely. Sometimes your best friend is exactly what you need to calm your nerves, but please do not bring more than one friend. I DO ask that the friend not interfere with the shoot (running in to “touch you up” in between every shot, directing your posing, etc) as I will handle that! Fiancés/husbands are NOT allowed to be in the room while we are shooting.

Do you shoot nude photographs? I am willing to incorporate tasteful topless images into your session, but I do NOT photograph clients fully nude (implied nudity is okay!).

If I am late will I still get my full shooting time? I strongly encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session so you have plenty of time to change clothes. Because I use natural light, the timing of your session was not a coincidence, please make sure you’re on time so we have the best lighting possible.

If I can’t make my shoot date, can I reschedule? Absolutely! If anything comes up just let me know and I can definitely work with you to plan another time.

Will my images be shown on your website, social media or marketing material? Your images will NEVER(!) be posted online without your ok. After your photos are edited I’ll discuss with you whether or not you’d be okay with me using certain images as examples for future clients considering booking a session. Feel free to say yes or no. I’m totally cool either way! There won’t be any pressure to share your personal images anywhere!

Also, as I like to keep my website and social media pages family friendly, if you choose to share your photos on social media, please do not tag Be Fuller Photography. Feel free to tell friends who took your photos or recommend me to others, but in an effort to keep my sites appropriate for the public I ask that you refrain from tagging me in any photos you choose to post! 🙂 Thanks in advance!

Will you photoshop that? I will edit blemishes, but do not change physical characteristics.

Where do the shoots take place? 901 5th St in Alva, OK

Can I see the RAW images? No never! 🙂 I’ll send you the best of the best!


  • Use clear deodorant please.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing prior to your session to avoid red marks on your skin (no jeans, tight socks or tight clothing, for instance).
  • Eat something light, but filling before you leave the house.
  • If you did not pay electronically prior to your session, please have your cash or check payment ready. Make checks payable to Be Fuller Photography.
  • Most important: Take a deep breath and RELAX. It’s completely normal to be a wee bit nervous before your shoot, but please don’t worry because you will be in very good hands!


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 405-420-1433 or

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