What’s new in 2021?!

What’s new in 2021? I’m sure you’re thinking, “I don’t even care what’s new as long as we are no longer in 2020.” I get that. It’s been an incredibly weird year. So before I bore you with all of my normal ramblings…here’s what’s new in 2021 for me…for you.

(Mini Table of Contents to catch your eye before reading this entire very long blog.)

  • Expressions: For families who need adorable photos of their kiddos!
  • Photography Mentoring: For those looking to get into photography!
  • Branding Photography Sessions: For those who run any sort of business!
  • Business Mindset Coaching: For those looking to take their business to the next level!


A new type of portrait session I’m calling Expressions is one of my new favorites! These are solely black and white photos that focus primarily on your little one’s sweet expressions. Here are some things you don’t have to worry about for these sessions.

  • Matching! Black and white means no hassle of busting out your color wheel to make sure your shirt matches your cardigan! My father in law said it best, that “sometimes black and white just tell a better story.”
  • Shoes. Wear your house shoes for all I care because guess what…the bottom half won’t even make an appearance!
  • The bottom half! Yoga pants, sweatpants, shorts…both. Recently my three year old wore his swim suit over his sweatpants to Wal-Mart and was thrilled with his wardrobe. In these types of sessions don’t sweat this stuff. Like I said. The bottom half won’t even make an appearance!
  • Time. Let’s be real. If you have kids you 100% understand the feelings that might arise if I were to tell you we were going to have a 45 minute shoot with your two year old. Haha! I get it. I’ve got four of the little people myself. Expressions are super quick and painless. Designed by a mom for moms.
  • Standing still and smiling. When I ask my children to stand still and smile at a camera, guess what they do? Well, not that. They provide me with the most wretchedly-fake smile known to mankind. Expressions capture their faces. All those little (or big) expressions they make that remind you of your significant other, your dad, yourself, etc. All the laughs. Pouts. Their personality!

Branding Photography Sessions

Shout out to dumb 2020 for this one!! Let’s just say, during my 20 day quarantine, I was bored enough that I started taking photos of any random thing I could find…which is not normally my cup of fun, but sparked some ideas that led to this!

Personal branding photography sessions are a way to showcase your business (or brand!) and/or products in a lifestyle setting to boost your business and help you stand out from the crowd. A way to tell who you are!

What you get from a branding session:

  • Up to 2 hours of shoot time and 50 edited images per month.
    • Stunning head-shots
    • Lifestyle and action shots
    • Brick and mortar business and/or workspace images
    • Custom stock photos
    • Detail shots of your products and/or tools you use
    • Complimentary 30 minute mindset consultation

Options for subscriptions! Details can be found here and discounts are available if you’d like multiple sessions a year.

Branding photos for Lettering x Liv

Photography Mentoring Sessions

Starting out in this photography business, I had no formal training to fall back on. I had no mentor. I had no idea what I was doing. I had YouTube and I had trial and error. Lots of error.

If you find yourself staying up until ridiculous hours of the night trying to figure out how to shoot in manual mode, how to market, how to get crisp photos, how to (fill in the blank), you’re in good company. I was in your shoes and completely understand. I’m sure you will figure it out, but if you’re tired of the trial and error and so sick of watching videos that don’t answer your questions, this is a great place to start.

Bring your questions to a virtual meeting and let’s save you some sleep at night! A few typical questions I receive are:
-What gear do you use? 
-What software do you use for editing?
-How did you get started?
-What the heck is aperture?
-How do you back up photos?

If you have your questions answered, but want practice…I’ve got you! I’d love for you to come and shadow/shoot with me and get some practice! 🙂

Business Mindset Coaching

It’s like they’re finally getting married!!!

Who’s getting married?

Okay. No human beings related to this blog are actually getting married, but…here’s the deal.

After studying and teaching sport and performance psychology for years, I have expanded from solely focusing on the sports side to the “performance” side!

I not only have experience running a business, but I have extensive education in performance psychology and lots of practice teaching mental strategies to help people develop a path to reach their goals. When I say I have extensive education, let’s just say my brother in law jokes that I have been in school for 27 years…and he’s not far off! However, it’s almost time for him to start calling me Dr. B. So I suppose he can joke all he wants!

Anyway, enough about that. In my Business Mindset Coaching program we will go through 12 sessions and develop a complete mental game plan designed to leverage your business performance.

How many times have you fallen flat on your face in failure? Or maybe it wasn’t a failure, but you definitely didn’t hit your aim? Maybe you wanted to hide or pull a hat over your head (like my youngest daughter here). I get it.

How many times have you caught yourself saying, “Okay, I just need to focus.” I’m guessing you’ve heard this a time or two from yourself…or from someone else, but how many times has someone actually taught you “how” to focus? I’m guessing the number is quite low. BUT, guess what? There are specific strategies to help you focus. Specific strategies to enhance your confidence. Your resilience. Your composure…and so much more!

To give you a glimpse of what this program entails, I offer a free 30 minute consultation session. During this time, I will find out a bit about where you are, what your goals are, and I’ll give you a strategy you can begin using right away. 

If you want to take your business to the next level with an incredible mindset, let’s get started ASAP!

Last thing…

Thank you!

So to all of you who have booked sessions, recommended me, tagged someone in a post, gave me even the tiniest bit of encouragement, or whatever else you have done to support me…thank you! If you don’t know me personally, two years ago I left my full-time, very stable job to stay home with my kiddos. My husband and I stepped out in faith that God would provide. The photography gig was simply a pipe dream that so many of you have helped become real life. So when you book a session you don’t just get awesome photos, but you help a momma continue staying home with her kiddos…and she is beyond grateful!

Okay…okay! I’ll stop there.

Have a fantastic last few days of 2020 and I’ll see you in 2021! 🙂


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